Winston Salem Newborn Photographer | 5 Tips for your Newborn Session

Hey there, I’m Courtney! I’m a Winston Salem Newborn Photographer. After years of serving families during their newborn session, I’m here to share my top 5 tips with you!

Research and reserve your due date with your photographer well in advance

Many photographers book a limited amount of due dates per month to ensure they can be flexible for the families on their calendar. When researching a photographer, find someone that has a style of photography you love. Some newborn photographers will edit more on the light and bright side, while others edit more moody. Ensure the newborn photographers you are researching for offer assistance with tangible items you’d like to receive after your session such as framed artwork, albums, prints, birth announcements, etc.

You’ll want to book a photographer with offerings that alleviate stress. What’s more stressful than bringing home a brand new baby and operating on limited amounts of sleep? Knowing you have to pull yourself together for a photoshoot! Booking a newborn photographer that offers hair and makeup, as well as a client wardrobe ensures you can sit back, snuggle your baby, and relax as you’re pampered from start to finish when it comes to your Newborn Session.

Now that you know what to look for, head over to Google and search Winston Salem Newborn Photographer, or your own city.

Clear the clutter before your photographer arrives

You’ve spent so much time preparing to bring your newborn baby and can hardly wait to bring them home to a picture perfect nursery. Before your session, it’s best to remove items that can be distracting to your newborn photographer. Use the checklist below to ensure your nursery is ready for your Newborn Session:

Remove crib bumpers
Take monitors off the wall if they’ve been put up
Hide any visible cords 
Open the blinds and let all that beautiful natural light in
Tuck away any excess clutter

Timing is key

You’ll want to aim to do your Newborn Session within the first month of life, if possible (the earlier the better, in my opinion) Having your session take place this early will give you a higher chance of having a sleepy, full and happy baby. Obviously, this is not always a possibility and that’s okay! There are still things you can time to ensure your session is successful, such as wake times and feeding times before you photographers arrival.

Feeding: Feeding baby 30 minutes before your photographer gives them plenty of time to get a full belly and get sleepy.

Wake Times: Allow baby to have some wake time in the morning before your photographer arrives. If your baby is already in a pattern of eating / wake times, try to let your photographer know the best possible time for your session.

Keep baby’s outfits minimal

The quickest way to upset baby during your session will be getting them cold and waking them up, both of which happen when you change their outfit. Plan to have one special outfit, and do the remainder of your photos with a neutral colored swaddle.

When it comes to accessories like hats and bows, I usually say the simpler the better. You don’t want the hat or bow to be so large that it takes away from the photo.

Be sure to ask your photographer if swaddles are something they bring with them to your session, some do! If you prefer to purchase your own, below are links to a few of my favorites:

White Muslin Baby Swaddle Blanket
6-Layer Thick Gauze Muslin Blanket
Lou Lou Finley Swaddle Blanket

Trust your photographer

After all, you hired them for a reason! Allow them to help guide you when it comes to outfit selection, and picking which rooms will photograph best. Sometimes if the nursery gets minimal light, using a master bedroom or living room space is best.

Even if your newborn session feels chaotic, maybe baby is fussy or hungry a majority of the time your photographer is there, trust that they only need a second to capture a calm moment, and they wont leave until they’re positive they can provide you with a beautiful gallery.


Ensure nails are freshly painted / manicured. Your hands will be in almost all of your photos, you’ll want to make sure everyone’s nails are photo ready.

For indoor Newborn Sessions, I suggest skipping shoes. Going barefoot gives a more relaxed, natural feel to your session

Don’t schedule your Newborn Session on a day when you have doctors appointments. Babies are normally a bit more fussy after shots.

Courtney Grant is a Winston Salem Newborn, Family & Motherhood Photographer serving Clemmons, Greensboro, Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Providing an elevated. effortless experience for sentimental families who cherish meaningful photography and heirloom artwork.