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February 27, 2020

[/trx_title][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Did you catch the NEW word in that title up there? Videography? WHAT? And, that’s not the only surprise! I’m beginning to offer Fresh 48 Sessions! What’s a Fresh 48 Session? I’m covering all the new details below!


For as long as I’ve owned a camera, somehow it wasn’t until late last year I began to explore the video function! Every trip Kyle and I would take, I’d make a video… but, on my phone! I’d come home and sit for hours and hours putting it together, picking out music.. I loved it and it was a fun, creative outlet for me.


One day while taking Hayden’s monthly photo I accidentally hit a button on my camera and switched the function from photos to video (this is not an easy mistake, so I’m chalking it up to an act from God himself.) Here was my beautiful girl smiling and waving her tiny toes and fingers in front of my lens and I had never captured her this way. I began to get serious about taking video clips here and there, putting them together and learning more about videography.


Then, one day when I had more than 2 minutes of free time (which is rare these days) what did I spend my time doing? I began to look back at photos from when Hayden was first born and started with our time during the hospital. I wanted to see her tiny nose and pretend I could swaddle her up as easily as I could there. I realized there were just photos, no videos of those first 24-48 hours with our girl. I remember her fierce hiccups and how cute she looked when she cried. But all of those memories live in my head, and I know one day the time will take a toll on them. I also can’t show them to Hayden once she’s older, and I wish I could!


As I was looking back I realized how much I cherished the few photos I got to take with my camera instead of my phone. They brought back all of those brand new emotions you go through when your family grows. I tried so hard to muster up the energy to take some professional photos of her, but the truth was I had just given birth. I was tired, I was healing, I had visitors, I needed sleep.. the list goes on. I wished so badly I had hired someone to capture her those first 48 hours in the hospital.


This got my brain working in a way that I’m not used to. If you know me personally, you know I’m rarely found sitting on a couch. I always have to be up and doing something. The truth is I’ve felt a bit stagnant in my business. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE weddings, my brides and grooms, and all the fun that comes with a beautiful wedding day. But I’m just craving change and something that will push me creatively. My goal last year was to photograph more families, and I did! This year, I want to take my family sessions to the next level and introduce TWO new services!


I’m now booking Fresh 48 Sessions AND adding an option for add-on videography!


“We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to do a Fresh 48 Session. We were not originally planning this, but now seeing it, we know this video will be something we treasure forever. We’ve trust Courtney for years with our family through different seasons, so it just made sense for her to also capture this moment. Courtney was personable and the session was conversational. Being in a hospital with a newborn is such an emotional experience and Courtney allowed us the time it took to give every part of newborn care what it needed during the session. It truly felt like a family member was taking your photograph”

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Newborn Videography


Newborn Videography can be added on to any Newborn or Fresh 48 Session. These videos are a great way to announce your newest family member! Take your announcement to the next level with videography of their tiny, precious features.


  • 48-72 hour turn around time
  • 2 hour session time slot with 1 hour of videography services
    *Allows for 1 hour of buffer time – Feeding, Fussiness etc
  • Includes licensed music
  • Downloadable link for sharing

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Fresh 48 Photography Session


Fresh 48 Sessions are great for capturing those first hours after your little ones arrival. These sessions are relaxed and meant for capturing the quiet moments between you and your baby.


  • 48-72 hour turn around time
  • 2 hour session time slot with 1 hour of photography services
    *Allows for 1 hour of buffer time – Doctors, Feeding, Fussiness etc
  • Includes Online Gallery
  • Includes Printing Rights


Interested in booking a Newborn Session, Fresh 48 Session, or adding in Videography for your little one?


Newborn Sessions are shot Monday – Thursday, primarily in the morning. I block dates for you session out as far as 6 months in advance. Since we don’t know baby’s exact arrival, I leave 2 weeks of wiggle room around your due date to get you on my schedule. Because of the “on-call” nature of Fresh 48 sessions, getting in touch with me well in advance is the best way to assure I’ll be available during the time of your stay at the hospital.

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