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MAY 3, 2019


Thank you ALL for so much love upon the news of Baby G! We’re finally in the second trimester and feeling lots and lots better (most days!) Below is a short recap of the first trimester and some of the fun milestones along the way!


December 29, 2018


Somehow it’s been a whole week since we found out we were expecting! We survived the holidays without spilling the beans – even though I’m pretty sure everyone has a hunch because I avoided alcohol and deli meats like the plague. Waking up on Christmas day beside Kyle, knowing there were three of us in bed, was the most unreal feeling. I’m so thankful we’ve had a whole week together and I’m not looking forward to him going back to work on Monday!


I actually went and bought another pregnancy test today. I know it’s still early but I’m having minimum symptoms, and at this rate, I’d love to feel nauseous just to confirm he / she is really in there! (this will for sure come back to bite me later) Sure enough, it confirmed I am defiantly still preggers. Mornings right now are actually when I feel best. Around 2-3pm I hit a wall and I am completely useless. I haven’t had many weird cravings or aversions. I’ve not been able to really do coffee. We’ve worked out a system where Kyle will pour a splash from his into a separate cup for me. But most of the time it just doesn’t taste good. I’ve craved more carbs lately and breakfast foods are my go-to! I’ve been carrying a box of Cheerios around like it’s my job!


In the past week:

  • Took baby to church for the first time! We’ve been going to Harvest Bible Chapel for a few months now and baby’s first service was the Christmas service. I’m normally emotional at church, but all the talk about a newborn baby sure did have me extra teary!
  • I found out I’m actually 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant, not 4 weeks. Turns out I calculated the due date wrong which resulted in adding a whole additional week!
  • Made the mistake of reading the “Community Posts” section on my baby app. This resulted in a full blown melt down of anxiety and fears. I promised Kyle I would never read it again, and I have no intentions to!! This resulted in me debating on canceling my trip to Utah in two weeks. At this rate, I think I’m still going..
  • Made my first doctor appointments. The day I come back from Utah I’ll do blood work, and set up the first ultrasound!

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January 22, 2019


We finally had our first ultrasound today! I feel like SO much has changed since the 5 week mark, and I’m officially 9 weeks and 1 day! Baby’s been super busy and has already been on their first plane ride and out of the state at just 7 weeks old! I had planned a trip to Utah in December before we knew we were expecting. I strongly considered canceling because I was terrified I’d feel miserable the whole trip and give away the fact that I was pregnant. Luckily I went through with the trip and I felt myself for most of the trip!


Remember how I prayed to feel symptoms.. yeah, they arrived! I can no longer even look at a box of Cheerios. I am constantly hungry and I was fully prepared for the doctor to say there were multiple babies in my belly. I mostly crave pizza, bread, basically all things carbs! I have been able to do some fruits this week with the help of adding a little chocolate to them. Most of the time I feel pretty good in the mornings and afternoons, I’m just abnormally exhausted by 2pm. The nausea usually comes around dinner time and hangs out for a while. Luckily we’re a few weeks away from the second trimester and those waves of nausea will hopefully calm down.


Seeing the baby today was the craziest feeling. I was so nervous going into the appointment. It seems like there are 100 things that can go wrong VS just having a healthy baby, and I was prepared for the worst. Luckily everything looks normal and right on track for me and baby! We got those cute little black and white photos and heard the heartbeat and it officially FEELS REAL!! It’s one thing to have a test say you’re pregnant, it’s a whole other experience to know there are two hearts beating inside of you! We’re going to be telling both sets of parents within the next 2 weeks and I can’t wait!![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]In the past week:


  • We had our first doctors appointment to do blood work and go over family history, etc.
  • Found out our due date: August 26th!
  • Baby went on their 1st flight!
  • My pants are officially too tight
  • Found out my sister-in-law is due with baby #1 the week before our due date!!

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February 18, 2019


We’re finally wrapping up the last week of the first trimester! We’ve started telling our friends and family and it has just been several weeks of pure joy and celebrations. Valentines day was extra special this year and it’s crazy to think this time next year we’ll have a sweet baby! Sickness is still hanging around and I’m having very bad headaches on and off. Hoping this eases up in the second trimester and I have some of my energy back!!


*Pregnancy brain is officially here and I forgot to write more about the last week :)[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_empty_space height=”30px”][vc_column_text]In the past week(s):


  • Kyle bought me a pregnancy pillow for Valentines day – my how things have changed already!



  • My pants are only getting tighter but I refuse to cave and buy maternity clothes.. yet


  • I have my first class at my OB this week where I’ll be meeting a few other moms expecting in August. I’ll begin going to classes weekly soon.


  • We’ll be scheduling out anatomy scan any day now!

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